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[tel-i-kuh n-vur-ter] /ˌtɛl ɪ kənˈvɜr tər/
noun, Photography.
See under converter (def 8).
a person or thing that converts.
Electricity. a device that converts alternating current to direct current or vice versa.
Compare inverter, synchronous converter.
Metallurgy. a chamber or vessel through which an oxidizing blast of air is forced, as in making steel by the Bessemer process.
Television. decoder (def 5).
Radio and Television. an auxiliary device that permits a receiver to pick up frequencies or channels for which it was not originally designed.
Physics. a reactor for converting one kind of fuel into another kind.
a person who is engaged in converting textile fabrics, especially cotton cloths, from the raw state into the finished product ready for the market by bleaching, dyeing, etc.
Also called converter lens. Photography. an additional lens attached to a lens in use on a camera to alter focal length, mounted in front of a lens to produce a wide-angle effect (wide-angle converter) or between the lens and the camera body to produce a telephoto effect (teleconverter or extender)
a person or thing that converts

a device for converting alternating current to direct current or vice versa
a device for converting a signal from one frequency to another or from analogue to digital forms

a vessel in which molten metal is refined, using a blast of air or oxygen See also Bessemer converter, L-D converter
short for converter reactor
(computing) a device for converting one form of coded information to another, such as an analogue-to-digital converter

An electrical device that changes the form of an electric signal or power source, as by converting alternating current to direct current, or an analog signal to a digital signal. Compare rectifier, transformer.

An electronic device that changes the frequency of a radio or other electromagnetic signal.


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