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a motion picture intended primarily to be shown on television.


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  • Tele-ported

    verb (used with object) 1. to transport (a body) by telekinesis. verb 1. (transitive) (in science fiction) to transport (a person or object) across a distance instantaneously

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    /ˈtɛlɪˌprɛzəns/ noun 1. the use of virtual reality technology to operate machinery by remote control or to create the effect of being at a different or imaginary location

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    [tel-uh-pros-es-ing, -uh-sing or, esp. British, -proh-ses-ing, -proh-suh-sing] /ˈtɛl əˌprɒs ɛs ɪŋ, -ə sɪŋ or, esp. British, -ˌproʊ sɛs ɪŋ, -ˌproʊ sə sɪŋ/ noun, Computers. 1. computerized processing and transmission of data over the telephone or other long-distance communications systems. teleprocessing /ˌtɛlɪˈprəʊsɛsɪŋ/ noun 1. the use of remote computer terminals connected to a central computer to […]

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