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Biology. the principle that the body’s structures and functions serve an overall purpose, as in assuring the survival of the organism.


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  • Teleopsia

    teleopsia tel·e·op·si·a (těl’ē-ŏp’sē-ə) n. A vision disorder characterized by errors in judging the distance of objects and arising from lesions in the parietal temporal region of the brain.

  • Teleorganic

    teleorganic tel·e·or·gan·ic (těl’ē-ôr-gān’ĭk) adj. Necessary to maintain life.

  • Teleost

    adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the Teleostei, a group of bony fishes including most living species. noun 2. Also called teleostome [tel-ee-uh-stohm, tee-lee-] /ˈtɛl i əˌstoʊm, ˈti li-/ (Show IPA). a teleost fish. noun 1. any bony fish of the subclass Teleostei, having rayed fins and a swim bladder: the group contains most of […]

  • Telepac

    networking The Swiss PTT X.25 network. (1995-11-09)

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