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noun, Chiefly British.
a telephone switchboard operator.
(Brit) a person who operates a telephone switchboard Also called (esp US) telephone operator


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    noun 1. the construction or operation of telephones or telephonic systems. 2. a system of telecommunications in which telephonic equipment is employed in the transmission of speech or other sound between points, with or without the use of wires. noun 1. a system of telecommunications for the transmission of speech or other sounds communications Communication, […]

  • Telephony user interface

    communications (TUI) Either a software interface to telephony (e.g. a phone-capable PC) or a DTMF-based interface to software (e.g. voicemail). (2003-10-21)

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    adjective 1. noting or pertaining to telephotography. Trademark. 1. a brand of apparatus for electrical transmission of photographs. 2. a photograph transmitted by this apparatus.

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    [tel-uh-foh-tuh-graf, -grahf] /ˌtɛl əˈfoʊ təˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf/ noun 1. a photograph taken with a telephoto lens.

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