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a brand of teletypewriter.
(lowercase) a network of teletypewriters with their connecting lines, switchboards, etc.
verb (used with object), Teletyped, Teletyping.
(lowercase) to send by Teletype.
verb (used without object), Teletyped, Teletyping.
(lowercase) to operate a Teletype.
trademark a type of teleprinter
(sometimes not capital) a network of such devices, used for communicating messages, information, etc
(sometimes not capital) to transmit (a message) by Teletype

hardware, product
(tty) A trademark for a hard-copy teletypewriter produced by Teletype Corporation.



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    company The company which made Teletype teletypewriters. Address: Skokie, Illinois, USA. (2000-04-03)

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  • Teletypist

    noun 1. a person who operates a teletypewriter.

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