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verb (used with or without object), televised, televising.
to send or receive by television.
to put (a programme) on television
(transitive) to transmit (a programme, signal, etc) by television


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  • Television

    noun 1. the broadcasting of a still or moving image via radiowaves to receivers that project a view of the image on a picture tube. 2. the process involved. 3. a set for receiving television broadcasts. 4. the field of television broadcasting. noun 1. the system or process of producing on a distant screen a […]

  • Television interface adaptor

    hardware, graphics (TIA) The graphics chip in the Atari 2600, also used as a sound chip for some arcade game. (1999-12-06)

  • Television-station

    noun 1. station (def 8).

  • Television tube

    noun 1. a cathode-ray tube designed for the reproduction of television pictures Sometimes shortened to tube Also called picture tube

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