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verb, noun

to work from home or outside the traditional office or workplace, using a computer and telephone connection; also called telecommute


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  • Teleworking

    noun 1. the use of home computers, telephones, etc, to enable a person to work from home while maintaining contact with colleagues, customers, or a central office Also called telecommuting

  • Telewriter

    noun 1. a telegraphic device for reproducing handwriting by converting the manually controlled movements of a pen into signals that, after transmission, control the movements of a similar pen

  • Telex

    noun 1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a two-way teletypewriter service channeled through a public telecommunications system for instantaneous, direct communication between subscribers at remote locations. 2. a teletypewriter used to send or receive on such a service. 3. a message transmitted by telex. verb (used with object) 4. to send (a message) by telex: We […]

  • Telfer

    noun, adjective, verb (used with object) 1. telpher. noun 1. Also, teleferic. a traveling unit, car, or carrier suspended from cables in a telpherage, an aerial transportation system. adjective 2. of or relating to a system of telpherage. verb (used with object) 3. to transport by means of a telpherage. noun 1. a variant spelling […]

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