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noun, plural teloi
[tel-oi, tee-loi] /ˈtɛl ɔɪ, ˈti lɔɪ/ (Show IPA)
the end term of a goal-directed process; especially, the Aristotelian final cause.


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  • Telolecithal

    [tel-oh-les-uh-thuh l, tee-loh-] /ˌtɛl oʊˈlɛs ə θəl, ˌti loʊ-/ adjective, Embryology. 1. having an accumulation of yolk near the vegetal pole, as the large-yolked eggs or ova of reptiles and birds. telolecithal tel·o·lec·i·thal (těl’ə-lěs’ə-thəl, tē’lə-) adj. Having a yolk that is concentrated at one end.

  • Telomerase

    noun 1. an enzyme, active chiefly in tumors and reproductive cells, that causes telomeres to lengthen: facilitates cell division and may account for the immortality of cancer cells. noun 1. an enzyme that is involved in the formation and repair of telomeres, so that chromosomes are not shortened during cell division telomerase (tə-lŏm’ə-rās’, -rāz’) An […]

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    noun 1. the segment of DNA that occurs at the ends of chromosomes. noun 1. (genetics) either of the ends of a chromosome telomere tel·o·mere (těl’ə-mēr’, tē’lə-) n. Either end of a chromosome; a terminal chromosome. telomere (těl’ə-mîr’, tē’lə-) Either of the sections of DNA occurring at the extreme ends of each chromosome in a […]

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    /tɛˌlɒməraɪˈzeɪʃən/ noun 1. (chem) polymerization in the presence of a chain transfer agent to yield a series of products of low molecular weight

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