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reckless boldness; rashness.
rashness or boldness


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  • Temesvar

    noun 1. Hungarian name of Timişoara. noun 1. the Hungarian name for Timişoara

  • Temin

    noun 1. Howard M(artin) 1934–94, U.S. virologist: Nobel Prize in medicine 1975. Temin Tem·in (těm’ĭn), Howard Martin. Born 1934. American oncologist. He shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for research on the interaction of tumor viruses and genetic material.

  • Temirtau

    noun 1. a city in E central Kazakhstan, NW of Karaganda.

  • Temne

    noun, plural Temnes (especially collectively) Temne for 1. 1. a member of a people living mainly in Sierra Leone. 2. the West Atlantic language of the Temne people. noun 1. (pl) -nes, -ne. a member of a Negroid people of N Sierra Leone 2. the language of this people, closely related to Bantu

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