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Temporal database

A database that can store and retrieve temporal data, that is, data which depends on time in some way.
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  • Temporal fossa

    temporal fossa n. The space on the side of the cranium bounded by the temporal lines and terminating below at the level of the zygomatic arch.

  • Temporal gyrus

    temporal gyrus n. A sagittal convolution on the inferolateral border of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum, separated from the middle temporal gyrus by the inferior temporal sulcus and including the fusiform gyrus; inferior temporal gyrus. A longitudinal gyrus on the lateral surface of the temporal lobe of the brain, between the superior and inferior […]

  • Temporal-hour

    noun, Horology. 1. a unit of time used in the Roman and Ottoman empires that divided the daylight into an equal number of hours, resulting in long summer hours and short winter hours.

  • Temporality

    noun, plural temporalities. 1. temporal character or nature; temporariness. 2. something temporal. 3. Usually, temporalities. a worldly or secular possession, revenue, or the like, as of the church or clergy. noun (pl) -ties 1. the state or quality of being temporal 2. something temporal 3. (often pl) a secular possession or revenue belonging to a […]

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