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holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold (often followed by of):
a tenacious grip on my arm; tenacious of old habits.
highly retentive:
a tenacious memory.
pertinacious, persistent, stubborn, or obstinate.
adhesive or sticky; viscous or glutinous.
holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder; tough.
holding or grasping firmly; forceful: a tenacious grip
retentive: a tenacious memory
stubborn or persistent: a tenacious character
holding together firmly; tough or cohesive: tenacious cement
tending to stick or adhere: tenacious mud

tenacious te·na·cious (tə-nā’shəs)

Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive.

Holding together firmly; cohesive.


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    noun 1. the quality of being tenacious, or of holding fast; persistence: the amazing tenacity of rumors. 2. the quality of retaining something: the tenacity of memory. 3. the quality or property of holding together firmly: testing the tenacity of the old book’s binding.

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