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verb (used with object)
to attend to by work or services, care, etc.:
to tend a fire.
to look after; watch over and care for; minister to or wait on with service:
to tend the sick.
Nautical. to handle or attend to (a rope).
verb (used without object)
to attend by action, care, etc. (usually followed by to).
Verb phrases
tend on/upon, Archaic. to attend or wait upon; minister to; serve:
She tended on the sick and dying with infinite compassion.
verb when intr, usually foll by to or towards
(when transitive, takes an infinitive) to have a general disposition (to do something); be inclined: children tend to prefer sweets to meat
(intransitive) to have or be an influence (towards a specific result); be conducive: the party atmosphere tends to hilarity
(intransitive) to go or move (in a particular direction): to tend to the south
(transitive) to care for: to tend wounded soldiers
when intr, often foll by to. to attend (to): to tend to someone’s needs
(transitive) to handle or control: to tend a fire
(informal, mainly US & Canadian) (intransitive) often foll by to. to pay attention


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