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tendosynovitis ten·do·syn·o·vi·tis (těn’dō-sĭn’ə-vī’tĭs, -sī’nə-)
Variant of tenosynovitis.


Read Also:

  • Tendotomy

    tendotomy ten·dot·o·my (těn-dŏt’ə-mē) n. See tenotomy.

  • Tendovaginal

    tendovaginal ten·do·vag·i·nal (těn’dō-vāj’ə-nəl) adj. Relating to a tendon and its sheath.

  • Tendovaginitis

    tendovaginitis ten·do·vag·i·ni·tis (těn’dō-vāj’ə-nī’tĭs) n. Variant of tenovaginitis.

  • Tendra

    language TenDRA home (http://tendra.org/). [Summary?] (2003-05-13)

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