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a hollow ball used in tennis, made of rubber with a fuzzy covering of woven Dacron, nylon, or wool.
a hollow rubber ball covered with felt, used in tennis


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  • Tennis-bracelet

    noun 1. a bracelet consisting of a row of individually set, uniformly sized diamonds or other gemstones. noun a piece of wrist jewelry that is a narrow chain of evenly matched diamonds, precious stones, or gemstones Word Origin 1987

  • Tennis-elbow

    noun 1. irritation of the synovial membrane, or joint rotary area, of the elbow, caused by immoderate motions while playing tennis or other sports; epicondylitis. tennis elbow noun 1. a painful inflammation of the elbow caused by exertion in playing tennis and similar games tennis elbow ten·nis elbow (těn’ĭs) n. A painful inflammation of the […]

  • Tennis-shoe

    noun 1. a sports shoe with a rubber sole (usually pebbled) and a stitched canvas upper that laces over the instep. noun 1. a rubber-soled canvas shoe tied with laces

  • Tennis thumb

    tennis thumb n. Tendonitis with calcification in the tendon of the long flexor of the thumb, caused by exercise in which the thumb is subject to pressure or strain.

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