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an exhibition or performance, especially a circus, presented in a tent.


Read Also:

  • Tent-stitch

    noun 1. a short, slanting stitch used in embroidery. Compare gros point (def 1), petit point (def 1). noun 1. another term for petit point (sense 1)

  • Tent-trailer

    noun 1. an automobile-drawn recreational trailer with a folding canvas or other fabric shelter that makes the vehicle suitable for outdoor camping. Compare camper (def 3), trailer (def 2).

  • Tenty

    adjective, tentier, tentiest. Scot. 1. watchful; attentive.

  • Tenues

    noun, plural tenues [ten-yoo-eez] /ˈtɛn yuˌiz/ (Show IPA) 1. an unaspirated, voiceless plosive. noun (pl) tenues (ˈtɛnjʊˌiːz) 1. (in the grammar of classical Greek) any of the voiceless stops as represented by kappa, pi, or tau (k, p, t)

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