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adjective, tentier, tentiest. Scot.
adjective, tentier, tentiest. Scot.
watchful; attentive.


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  • Tenting

    noun 1. a portable shelter of skins, canvas, plastic, or the like, supported by one or more poles or a frame and often secured by ropes fastened to pegs in the ground. 2. something that resembles a tent. 3. tent dress. verb (used with object) 4. to lodge in tents. 5. to cover with or […]

  • Tentmaker

    noun 1. a person who makes tents.

  • Tent-meeting

    noun 1. camp meeting.

  • Tentorial

    noun, plural tentoria [ten-tawr-ee-uh, -tohr-] /tɛnˈtɔr i ə, -ˈtoʊr-/ (Show IPA) 1. Anatomy. an extension of one of the membranes covering the cerebrum which, with the transverse fissure, separates the cerebrum from the cerebellum. 2. Zoology. (of an insect) the internal skeleton of the head. tentorial ten·to·ri·al (těn-tôr’ē-əl) adj. Relating to a tentorium. tentorium ten·to·ri·um […]

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