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adjective, Chemistry.
of or derived from terebic acid.


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  • Terebic-acid

    or terebinic acid noun, Chemistry. 1. an acid, C 7 H 10 O 4 , formed by the oxidation of certain terpenes and historically important in the discovery of the structures of many terpenes. terebic acid /tɛˈrɛbɪk/ noun 1. a white crystalline carboxylic acid produced by the action of nitric acid on turpentine. Formula: C7H10O4

  • Terebinth

    noun 1. a Mediterranean tree, Pistacia terebinthus, of the cashew family, yielding Chian turpentine. noun 1. a small anacardiaceous tree, Pistacia terebinthus, of the Mediterranean region, having winged leafstalks and clusters of small flowers, and yielding a turpentine (R.V. marg. of Deut. 11:30, etc.), the Pistacia terebinthus of botanists; a tree very common in the […]

  • Terebinthinate

    [ter-uh-bin-thuh-neyt] /ˌtɛr əˈbɪn θəˌneɪt/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or resembling turpentine.

  • Terebinthine

    [ter-uh-bin-thin, -thahyn] /ˌtɛr əˈbɪn θɪn, -θaɪn/ adjective 1. terebinthinate. 2. of or relating to the terebinth. terebinthine /ˌtɛrɪˈbɪnθaɪn/ adjective 1. of or relating to terebinth or related plants 2. of, consisting of, or resembling turpentine

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