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a word or group of words designating something, especially in a particular field, as atom in physics, quietism in theology, adze in carpentry, or district leader in politics.
any word or group of words considered as a member of a construction or utterance.
the time or period through which something lasts.
a period of time to which limits have been set:
elected for a term of four years.
one of two or more divisions of a school year, during which instruction is regularly provided.
an appointed or set time or date, as for the payment of rent, interest, wages, etc.

conditions with regard to payment, price, charge, rates, wages, etc.:
reasonable terms.
conditions or stipulations limiting what is proposed to be granted or done:
the terms of a treaty.
footing or standing; relations:
on good terms with someone.
Obsolete. state, situation, or circumstances.

Algebra, Arithmetic.

each of the members of which an expression, a series of quantities, or the like, is composed, as one of two or more parts of an algebraic expression.
a mathematical expression of the form axp, axpyq, etc., where a, p, and q are numbers and x and y are variables.


the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition.
the word or expression denoting the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition.

Also called terminus. a figure, especially of Terminus, in the form of a herm, used by the ancient Romans as a boundary marker; terminal figure.

an estate or interest in land or the like, to be enjoyed for a fixed period.
the duration of an estate.
each of the periods during which certain courts of law hold their sessions.

completion of pregnancy; parturition.

end, conclusion, or termination.
boundary or limit.

to apply a particular term or name to; name; call; designate.
bring to terms, to force to agree to stated demands or conditions; bring into submission:
After a long struggle, we brought them to terms.
come to terms,

to reach an agreement; make an arrangement:
to come to terms with a creditor.
to become resigned or accustomed:
to come to terms with one’s life.

eat one’s terms, British Informal. to study for the bar; be a law student.
in terms of, with regard to; concerning:
The book offers nothing in terms of a satisfactory conclusion.
a word or phrase that has a specific or precise meaning within a given discipline or field and might have a different meaning in common usage:
Set is a term of art used by mathematicians, and burden of proof is a term of art used by lawyers.
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a name, expression, or word used for some particular thing, esp in a specialized field of knowledge: a medical term
any word or expression
a limited period of time: his second term of office, a prison term
any of the divisions of the academic year during which a school, college, etc, is in session
a point in time determined for an event or for the end of a period
Also called full term. the period at which childbirth is imminent

an estate or interest in land limited to run for a specified period: a term of years
the duration of an estate, etc
(formerly) a period of time during which sessions of courts of law were held
time allowed to a debtor to settle

(maths) either of the expressions the ratio of which is a fraction or proportion, any of the separate elements of a sequence, or any of the individual addends of a polynomial or series

the word or phrase that forms either the subject or predicate of a proposition
a name or variable, as opposed to a predicate
one of the relata of a relation
any of the three subjects or predicates occurring in a syllogism

(architect) Also called terminal, terminus, terminal figure. a sculptured post, esp one in the form of an armless bust or an animal on the top of a square pillar
(Australian rules football) the usual word for quarter (sense 10)
(archaic) a boundary or limit
(transitive) to designate; call: he was termed a thief


1. A program by Michael O’Reilly michael@iinet.com.au for people running Unix who have Internet access via a dial-up connection, and who don’t have access to SLIP, or PPP, or simply prefer a more lightweight protocol. TERM does end-to-end error-correction, compression and mulplexing across serial links. This means you can upload and download files as the same time you’re reading your news, and can run X clients on the other side of your modem link, all without needing SLIP or PPP.
Latest version: 1.15.
2. Technology Enabled Relationship Management.


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