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a person versed in theology, especially Christian theology; divine.
Contemporary Examples

His father, the brilliant Presbyterian theologian Francis Schaeffer, was the intellectual father of the movement.
The Christian-Right Whistleblower Michelle Goldberg June 23, 2011

The second-century Christian theologian Tertullian once said “It is certain because it is impossible.”
Bad Faith on Two States Shaul Magid June 3, 2012

Sister Agnes Mueller, 62, was a theologian and a nurse—both practical skills in the field.
Caught: Female Assassin Who Allegedly Murdered Five American Nuns Barbie Latza Nadeau September 21, 2014

Perez Guadalupe, a criminologist, sociologist, and theologian, has brought a disciplined hand to Castro Castro.
Inside Joran Van Der Sloot’s Prison in Peru Andrea Zarate December 19, 2011

Historical Examples

The other day the first sergeant, a theologian of a wholly unsuspected bellicosity, called upon the squad leaders to report.
Atlantic Classics, Second Series Henry C. Merwin

I am then about to examine this question as a historian, philosopher, and theologian.
The Phantom World Augustin Calmet

The theologian must be in this, then, an ideal interpreter, and an inquirer after the ultimate cause.
Theology and the Social Consciousness Henry Churchill King

Well, Hedvig, your theologian meant to say that a god was not capable of this.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

The author of these chapters has not inappropriately been called the theologian among the prophets.
The Literature of the Old Testament George Foot Moore

They regarded the theosophist as far superior in every respect to the theologian.
Mystics and Saints of Islam Claud Field

a person versed in or engaged in the study of theology, esp Christian theology

late 15c., from Old French theologien (14c.); see theology. A petty or paltry theologist is a theologaster (1620s), coined in Medieval Latin by Martin Luther (1518).

A person who engages in theology. Some notable theologians are Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, John Calvin, and Martin Luther.


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