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an apostle who demanded proof of Christ’s Resurrection. John 20:24–29.
Augustus, 1857–1934, U.S. playwright, journalist, and actor.
(Charles Louis) Ambroise
[sharl lwee ahn-brwaz] /ʃarl lwi ɑ̃ˈbrwaz/ (Show IPA), 1811–96, French composer.
Clarence, born 1948, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court since 1991.
Dylan (Marlais)
[dil-uh n mahr-ley] /ˈdɪl ən ˈmɑr leɪ/ (Show IPA), 1914–53, Welsh poet and short-story writer.
George Henry, 1816–70, Union general in the U.S. Civil War.
Isaiah, 1749–1831, U.S. printer, journalist and publisher of Revolutionary literature.
Isiah (“Zeke”) born 1961, U.S. basketball player, coach, and executive.
John, 1724–76, American physician and general in the American Revolution.
Lowell (Jackson) 1892–1981, U.S. newscaster, world traveler, and writer.
Martha Carey, 1857–1935, U.S. educator and women’s-rights advocate.
Norman (Mattoon)
[muh-toon] /məˈtun/ (Show IPA), 1884–1968, U.S. socialist leader and political writer.
Seth, 1785–1859, U.S. clock designer and manufacturer.
Theodore, 1835–1905, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Germany.
William Isaac, 1863–1947, U.S. sociologist.
doubting Thomas.
a male given name: from an Aramaic word meaning “twin.”.
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Saint. Also called: doubting Thomas. one of the twelve apostles, who refused to believe in Christ’s resurrection until he had seen his wounds (John 20:24–29). Feast day: July 3 or Dec 2l or Oct 6
(French) (tɔmɑ). Ambroise (ɑ̃brwaz). 1811–96, French composer of light operas, including Mignon (1866)
Dylan (Marlais) (ˈdɪlən). 1914–53, Welsh poet and essayist. His works include the prose Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940), the verse collection Deaths and Entrances (1946), and his play for voices Under Milk Wood (1954)
(Philip) Edward, pen name Edward Eastaway. 1878–1917, British poet and critic: killed in World War I
R(onald) S(tuart). 1913–2000, Welsh poet and clergyman. His collections include Song at the Year’s Turning (1955), Not that He Brought Flowers (1968), and Laboratories of the Spirit (1975)
A language compatible with the language Dylan(TM). Thomas is NOT Dylan(TM).
The first public release of a translator to Scheme by Matt Birkholz, Jim Miller, and Ron Weiss, written at Digital Equipment Corporation’s Cambridge Research Laboratory runs (slowly) on MIT’s CScheme, DEC’s Scheme->C, Marc Feeley’s Gambi, Macintosh, PC, Vax, MIPS, Alpha, 680×0.
Mailing list: .
[“Dylan(TM) an object-oriented dynamic language”, Apple Computer, Eastern Research and Technology, April 1992].

see: doubting thomas


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