[zawl-tahn] /ˈzɔl tɑn/ (Show IPA), 1889–1961, Hungarian statesman: premier 1945–46; president 1946–48.
Historical Examples

And Tildy was content to be the unwooed drudge if Aileen could receive the flattery and the homage.
The Four Million

O. Henry

Her spirits had been very low; but, somehow, Tildy had managed to revive them.
The School Queens L. T. Meade

“Please be quick, Tildy, and go,” said Maggie in a determined voice.
The School Queens L. T. Meade

Tildy shuddered, and said that Mrs. Ross should not say things of that sort.
The School Queens L. T. Meade

You see Mrs. Tildy Ann and grandmother were having such a long-way-back time, I had to dress up to match everything.
What Two Children Did Charlotte E. Chittenden

Accordingly she sent for Tildy and told her what she expected her to do.
The School Queens L. T. Meade

One stout gentleman whom she and Tildy had privately christened “The Hog” presented her with a turquoise ring.
The Four Million

O. Henry

The girl, whose name was Agnes, stared for a minute at Tildy.
The School Queens L. T. Meade

Tildy presently brought up a meagre supper, of which the mother and daughter partook almost in silence.
The School Queens L. T. Meade

That Tildy did nothing of the kind was proved to us all too soon.
May Iverson’s Career Elizabeth Jordan

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