Anatomy. of, relating to, or connected with a trochlea.
Physiology, Anatomy. functioning like a pulley; pulleylike.
Botany. circular and contracted in the middle so as to resemble a pulley.
trochlear nerve.

trochlear troch·le·ar (trŏk’lē-ər)

Of, resembling, or situated near a trochlea.

Of or relating to the trochlear nerve.

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  • Trochlear-nerve

    noun, Anatomy. 1. either one of the fourth pair of cranial nerves, consisting of motor fibers that innervate the superior oblique muscle of the upper part of the eyeball. trochlear nerve /ˈtrɒklɪə/ noun 1. either one of the fourth pair of cranial nerves, which supply the superior oblique muscle of the eye trochlear nerve n. […]

  • Trochlear spine

    trochlear spine n. A spicule of bone arising from the edge of the trochlear pit of the eye, giving attachment to the pulley of the superior oblique muscle of the eyeball.

  • Trochoid

    noun 1. Geometry. a curve traced by a point on a radius or an extension of the radius of a circle that rolls, without slipping, on a curve, another circle, or a straight line. Equation: x = aθ − b sin θ, y = a − b cos θ. adjective 2. rotating on an axis, […]

  • Trochoid joint

    trochoid joint n. A joint in which a section of a cylinder of one bone fits into a corresponding cavity on the other, as in the proximal articulation between the radius and ulna. Also called pivot joint, rotary joint.

  • Trochophore

    noun, Zoology. 1. a ciliate, free-swimming larva common to several groups of invertebrates, as many mollusks and rotifers. noun 1. the ciliated planktonic larva of many invertebrates, including polychaete worms, molluscs, and rotifers

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