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Elizabeth Virginia Wallace (“Bess”) 1885–1982, U.S. First Lady 1945–53 (wife of Harry S Truman).
Harry S, 1884–1972, 33rd president of the U.S. 1945–53.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

If you were already thinking “Truman Doctrine,” give yourself a point.
Obama’s ‘No Containment’ AIPAC Speech Made War With Iran Inevitable Michael Tomasky March 5, 2012

Unable to punish Truman from inside the party, pro-segregation Democrats determined to punish him from outside.
David’s Bookclub: Strom Thurmond’s America David Frum April 15, 2013

Vidal caroused with Tennessee Williams and Christopher Isherwood and feuded with Truman Capote.
How Gay Was Gore Vidal? Tim Teeman July 30, 2013

Health-care reform has been attempted by three Democratic presidents: Truman, Carter, and Clinton.
Obama vs. the Democrats John Avlon March 11, 2009

They even attacked the strong anticommunist policies of presidents Truman and Eisenhower.
We Need Liberals Now! Leslie H. Gelb October 27, 2011

Historical Examples

To Cranston and Truman, as well as to the captains of the —th, there seemed every reason to push ahead.
Under Fire Charles King

An appeal to Truman’s regimental pride was always effective.
Under Fire Charles King

Deck handed his father the letter from Captain Truman as soon as he came into his presence.
In The Saddle Oliver Optic

He and Truman went thither because they knew that that was where Sanders could be found, and there they found him.
Under Fire Charles King

The Truman order had no immediate effect on the Army’s racial policy.
Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965 Morris J. MacGregor, Jr.

Harry S. 1884–1972, US Democratic statesman; 33rd president of the US (1945–53). He approved the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan (1945), advocated the postwar loan to Britain, and involved the US in the Korean War

surname, attested by 1215, literally “faithful man, trusty man.”


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