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of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or derived from Turkey or the .
of or relating to the language of Turkey.
(loosely) .
the Turkic language of Turkey.
Abbreviation: Turk.
(loosely) .
Contemporary Examples

But Turkish troops stopped these panic-stricken civilians at the Turkish border.
A Safe Haven Inside Syria? Bad Idea Christopher Dickey August 31, 2012

Another sign took a different approach: “I am Turkish I cannot Keep Calm.”
Smiling Under a Cloud of Tear Gas: Elif Shafak on Istanbul’s Streets Elif Shafak June 10, 2013

The Kurds accuse the Turkish government of seeing them as a greater danger than Islamic militants.
Whose Side Is Turkey On? Jamie Dettmer October 14, 2014

It added Turkish courts had ruled that some Tweets should be removed but that the company had not done so.
Turkey’s Useless Twitter Ban Thomas Seibert March 20, 2014

Cagaptay says leftist groups have lately been protesting the NATO deployment of Patriot antimissile batteries on Turkish soil.
U.S. Embassy Blast in Turkey ‘Act of Terror,’ Possibly Linked to Syria Mike Giglio, Dan Ephron January 31, 2013

Historical Examples

This is the style of the Turkish grandees, a slave to every guest.
Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland, Vol. I (of 2) John Lloyd Stephens

The following is his description of this city, where the Turkish rule begins.
Celebrated Travels and Travellers Jules Verne

The Turkish method of camouflaging news is not the same as the German.
A Prisoner in Turkey John Still

They passed through a Turkish village at the base of some low hills.
The Three Commanders W.H.G. Kingston

Here we are, in the heart of Turkish territory, and no way out.
On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles Thomas Charles Bridges

of, relating to, or characteristic of Turkey, its people, or their language
the official language of Turkey, belonging to the Turkic branch of the Altaic family See also Osmanli


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