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Under false colors

see: false colors


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  • Underfeed

    verb (used with object), underfed, underfeeding. 1. to feed insufficiently. 2. to feed with fuel from beneath. verb (transitive) (ˌʌndəˈfiːd) -feeds, -feeding, -fed 1. to give too little food to 2. to supply (a furnace, engine, etc) with fuel from beneath noun (ˈʌndəˌfiːd) 3. an apparatus by which fuel, etc, is supplied from below

  • Underfired

    adjective 1. supplied with fuel or heat from beneath.

  • Form

    noun 1. external appearance of a clearly defined area, as distinguished from color or material; configuration: a triangular form. 2. the shape of a thing or person. 3. a body, especially that of a human being. 4. a dummy having the same measurements as a human body, used for fitting or displaying clothing: a dressmaker’s […]

  • Fortify

    verb (used with object), fortified, fortifying. 1. to protect or strengthen against attack; surround or provide with defensive military works. 2. to furnish with a means of resisting force or standing strain or wear: to fortify cotton with nylon. 3. to make strong; impart strength or vigor to: to fortify oneself with a good breakfast. […]

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