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located, carried on, or used under the surface of the sea:
undersea life.
adjective, adverb
below the surface of the sea


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  • Seam

    noun 1. the line formed by sewing together pieces of cloth, leather, or the like. 2. the stitches used to make such a line. 3. any line formed by abutting edges. 4. any linear indentation or mark, as a wrinkle or scar. 5. Knitting. a line of stitches formed by purling. 6. Geology. a comparatively […]

  • Underseas

    adverb 1. beneath the surface of the sea.

  • Undersecretariat

    [uhn-der-sek-ri-tair-ee-it, uhn-der-sek-ri-ter-] /ˌʌn dərˌsɛk rɪˈtɛər i ɪt, ˈʌn dərˌsɛk rɪˌtɛr-/ noun 1. a department or section of a ministry of which an under secretary is in charge.

  • Under-secretary

    or undersecretary noun, (often initial capital letters) 1. an official who is subordinate to a principal secretary, as in the U.S. cabinet: Under Secretary of the Treasury.

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