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[bahr-taw-law-me-aw] /ˌbɑr tɔ lɔˈmɛ ɔ/ (Show IPA), 1888–1927, Italian anarchist, in U.S. after 1908.
Contemporary Examples

Take the modern day Sacco and Vanzetti: Tim Geithner and Michael Steele.
Save Geithner and Steele! Mark McKinnon March 14, 2009

Historical Examples

Vanzetti had followed many trades after his arrival here in the summer of 1908.
Labor’s Martyrs Vito Marcantonio

A short distance, such a short distance from where I scribble these words, Vanzetti died.
Greener Than You Think Ward Moore

In April, 1920, both these currents crossed the paths of Sacco and Vanzetti.
Labor’s Martyrs Vito Marcantonio

The witnesses for the defense proved the innocence of Sacco and Vanzetti beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Labor’s Martyrs Vito Marcantonio

Bartolomeo (bartoloˈmɛːo). 1888–1927, US radical agitator, born in Italy: executed with Sacco in a case that had worldwide political repercussions


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