a sour liquid consisting of dilute and impure acetic acid, obtained by acetous fermentation from wine, cider, beer, ale, or the like: used as a condiment, preservative, etc.
Pharmacology. a solution of a medicinal substance in dilute acetic acid, or vinegar.
sour or irritable speech, manner, or countenance:
a note of vinegar in his voice.
Informal. vigor; high spirits; vim.
a sour-tasting liquid consisting of impure dilute acetic acid, made by oxidation of the ethyl alcohol in beer, wine, or cider. It is used as a condiment or preservative
sourness or peevishness of temper, countenance, speech, etc
(pharmacol) a medicinal solution in dilute acetic acid
(US & Canadian, informal) vitality
(transitive) to apply vinegar to

vinegar vin·e·gar (vĭn’ĭ-gər)
An impure dilute solution of acetic acid obtained by fermentation beyond the alcohol stage and used as a preservative.
vig ounce

Heb. hometz, Gr. oxos, Fr. vin aigre; i.e., “sour wine.” The Hebrew word is rendered vinegar in Ps. 69:21, a prophecy fulfilled in the history of the crucifixion (Matt. 27:34). This was the common sour wine (posea) daily made use of by the Roman soldiers. They gave it to Christ, not in derision, but from compassion, to assuage his thirst. Prov. 10:26 shows that there was also a stronger vinegar, which was not fit for drinking. The comparison, “vinegar upon nitre,” probably means “vinegar upon soda” (as in the marg. of the R.V.), which then effervesces.

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