that can be seen; perceptible to the eye:
mountains visible in the distance.
apparent; manifest; obvious:
a man with no visible means of support.
being constantly or frequently in the public view; conspicuous:
a visible political position.
noting or pertaining to a system of keeping records or information on cards or sheets in such a way that the desired reference can be brought instantly to view:
a visible index.

available or accessible; already existing, as goods in a warehouse or in transit as opposed to goods in production:
visible supply.
involving actual goods that have been recorded or accounted for:
visible trade.

prepared or converted for visual presentation; represented visually.
capable of being perceived by the eye
capable of being perceived by the mind; evident: no visible dangers
available: the visible resources
(of an index or file) using a flexible display system for the contents
of or relating to the balance of trade: visible transactions
represented by visible symbols
a visible item of trade; product

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