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Andrew Joseph, 1860–1946, U.S. legislator.
Contemporary Examples

The result of Volstead can be summed up with one infamous name: Al Capone.
Pot’s Got a Gangster Problem Ilana Glazer February 21, 2013

“There’s nothing in the Volstead Act that says a person cannot drink,” he said.
5 Alternatives to Obama and Romney in the Presidential Race Ben Jacobs May 16, 2012

Historical Examples

This is the wisdom which moves them to secret laughter when they find their brothers in the throes of Volstead and Krafts.
Nonsenseorship G. G. Putnam and Others

After all, there is no reason why the old-established houses should not go on doing a good business on a Volstead basis.
Plum Pudding Christopher Morley

And now with this Volstead act being pushed so hard it’s kind of inconvenient gettin’ a crowd of men into the right frame of mind.
Torchy As A Pa Sewell Ford

That is, he was in the good old days when Mr. Volstead was only a name towards the end of roll call.
Torchy As A Pa Sewell Ford

Even before the Volstead act liquor was spiritually a prescription rather than a beverage.
Seeing Things at Night Heywood Broun

But in spite of Mr. Volstead there was a bit of “golden water” to be had, and it saved the day.
My Wonderful Visit Charlie Chaplin

This was long before anybody had ever heard of the now illustrious Mr. Volstead.
Turns about Town Robert Cortes Holliday

You may remember that King Cole called for his bowl just as if there were no such thing as a Volstead amendment.
Pieces of Hate Heywood Broun

in reference to Prohibition legislation in U.S., 1920, from U.S. Rep. Andrew J. Volstead (1860-1947), Republican of Minnesota, who introduced the bill in 1919 that prohibited the manufacture, transportation, and sale of beverages containing more than 0.5 percent alcohol.


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