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[hoh-nuh s] /ˈhoʊ nəs/ (Show IPA), (John Peter) 1874–1955, U.S. baseball player.
[ot-oh;; German awt-oh] /ˈɒt oʊ;; German ˈɔt oʊ/ (Show IPA), 1841–1918, Austrian architect.
[rich-erd;; German rikh-ahrt] /ˈrɪtʃ ərd;; German ˈrɪx ɑrt/ (Show IPA), 1813–83, German composer.
Robert F(erdinand) 1877–1953, U.S. politician.
his son, Robert F(erdinand), Jr. 1910–91, U.S. politician: mayor of New York City 1954–65.
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Historical Examples

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Otto. 1841–1918, Austrian architect, whose emphasis on function and structure in such buildings as the Post Office Savings Bank, Vienna (1904–06), influenced the development of modern architecture
(Wilhelm) Richard (ˈrɪçart). 1813–83, German romantic composer noted chiefly for his invention of the music drama. His cycle of four such dramas The Ring of the Nibelung was produced at his own theatre in Bayreuth in 1876. His other operas include Tannhäuser (1845; revised 1861), Tristan and Isolde (1865), and Parsifal (1882)


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