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[ou-goo st] /ˈaʊ gʊst/ (Show IPA), 1834–1914, German biologist.
Historical Examples

But Weismann’s investigations have shown us that climate plays a large part in their development.
A Review of the Systems of Ethics Founded on the Theory of Evolution C. M. Williams

In the notes to my edition of Weismann I have endeavoured to do Darwin full justice.
More Letters of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin

Weismann meets these by adducing the case of neuter insects, which have been already considered at sufficient length.
Darwin, and After Darwin, Volume II (of 3) George John Romanes

This has been markedly true of Weismann and his theory of heredity.
Facts And Fictions Of Life Helen H. Gardener

At the end of the last century Weismann injected a new idea into our views concerning the origin of variations.
A Critique of the Theory of Evolution Thomas Hunt Morgan

Therefore, says Weismann, acquired characters cannot be inherited.
The Making of Species Douglas Dewar

What, then, is the explanation of this apparent inconsistency on Weismann’s part?
Darwin, and After Darwin (Vol 3 of 3) George John Romanes

What Weismann has described is not a machine, just because it is a living organism.
Parallel Paths Thomas William Rolleston

This is an emphatic though concealed abandonment of the central position of Weismann.
Degeneracy Eugene S. Talbot

Weismann attaches the greatest importance to the distinction.
The Biological Problem of To-day Oscar Hertwig

Weismann Weis·mann (vīs’män’), August Friedrich Leopold. 1834-1914.

German biologist who asserted that hereditary characteristics are transmitted by a germinal plasm.


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