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Werner von siemens

(Ernst) Werner von
[ernst ver-nuh r fuh n] /ˈɛrnst ˈvɛr nər fən/ (Show IPA), 1816–92, German inventor and electrical engineer.
his brother, Sir William (Karl Wilhelm Siemens) 1823–83, English inventor, born in Germany.
Historical Examples

The Story of Great Inventions Elmer Ellsworth Burns

noun (pl) siemens
the derived SI unit of electrical conductance equal to 1 reciprocal ohm S Formerly called mho
Ernst Werner von (ɛrnst ˈvɛrnər fɔn). 1816–92, German engineer, inventor, and pioneer in telegraphy. Among his inventions are the self-excited dynamo and an electrolytic refining process
his brother, Sir William, original name Karl Wilhelm Siemens. 1823–83, British engineer, born in Germany, who invented the open-hearth process for making steel
Plural siemens
See mho.


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