[hohl-sohld] /ˈhoʊlˈsoʊld/
wholehearted; hearty.

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  • Whole-step

    noun, Music. 1. an interval of two semitones, as A-B or B-C♯; a major second.

  • Wholetime

    adjective, British. 1. full-time.

  • Whole-tone scale

    [hohl-tohn] /ˈhoʊlˌtoʊn/ noun, Music. 1. a scale progressing entirely by whole tones, as C, D, E, F♯, G♯, A♯, C. whole-tone scale noun 1. either of two scales produced by commencing on one of any two notes a chromatic semitone apart and proceeding upwards or downwards in whole tones for an octave. Such a scale, […]

  • Whole-wheat

    adjective 1. prepared with the complete wheat kernel. adjective 1. (of flour, bread, etc) made from the entire wheat kernel Also called (esp in Britain and certain other countries) wholemeal

  • Wholism

    noun 1. holism.

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