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living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated:
a wild animal; wild geese.
growing or produced without cultivation or the care of humans, as plants, flowers, fruit, or honey:
wild cherries.
uncultivated, uninhabited, or waste:
wild country.
uncivilized or barbarous:
wild tribes.
of unrestrained violence, fury, intensity, etc.; violent; furious:
wild strife; wild storms.
characterized by or indicating violent feelings or excitement, as actions or a person’s appearance:
wild cries; a wild look.
frantic or distracted; crazy:
to drive someone wild.
violently or uncontrollably affected:
wild with rage; wild with pain.
undisciplined, unruly, or lawless:
a gang of wild boys.
unrestrained, untrammeled, or unbridled:
wild enthusiasm.
disregardful of moral restraints as to pleasurable indulgence:
He repented his wild youth.
unrestrained by reason or prudence:
wild schemes.
amazing or incredible:
Isn’t that wild about Bill getting booted out of the club?
disorderly or disheveled:
wild hair.
wide of the mark:
He scored on a wild throw.
Informal. intensely eager or enthusiastic:
wild to get started; wild about the new styles.
Cards. (of a card) having its value decided by the wishes of the players.
Metallurgy. (of molten metal) generating large amounts of gas during cooling, so as to cause violent bubbling.
in a wild manner; wildly.
Often, wilds. an uncultivated, uninhabited, or desolate region or tract; waste; wilderness; desert:
a cabin in the wild; a safari to the wilds of Africa.
to travel around as a group, attacking or assaulting (people) in a random and violent way:
The man was wilded and left for dead.
blow wild, (of an oil or gas well) to spout in an uncontrolled way, as in a blowout.
Compare blowout (def 4).
run wild,

to grow unchecked:
The rambler roses are running wild.
to show lack of restraint or control:
Those children are allowed to run wild.

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Historical Examples

The Twins of Suffering Creek Ridgwell Cullum
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(of animals) living independently of man; not domesticated or tame
(of plants) growing in a natural state; not cultivated
uninhabited or uncultivated; desolate: a wild stretch of land
living in a savage or uncivilized way: wild tribes
lacking restraint: wild merriment
of great violence or intensity: a wild storm
disorderly or chaotic: wild thoughts, wild talk
dishevelled; untidy: wild hair
in a state of extreme emotional intensity: wild with anger
reckless: wild speculations
not calculated; random: a wild guess
unconventional; fantastic; crazy: wild friends
(informal) (postpositive) foll by about. intensely enthusiastic or excited
(of a card, such as a joker or deuce in some games) able to be given any value the holder pleases: jacks are wild
wild and woolly

rough; untamed; barbarous
(of theories, plans, etc) not fully thought out

in a wild manner
run wild

to grow without cultivation or care
to behave without restraint

(often pl) a desolate, uncultivated, or uninhabited region
the wild

a free natural state of living
the wilderness

Jonathan. ?1682–1725, British criminal, who organized a network of thieves, highwaymen, etc, while also working as an informer: said to have sent over a hundred men to the gallows before being hanged himself

Ursula … hath bin at all the Salsbury rasis, dancing like wild with Mr Clarks. [letter, 1674]

Meaning “sexually dissolute, loose” is attested from mid-13c. U.S. slang sense of “exciting, excellent” is recorded from 1955. The noun meaning “uncultivated or desolate region” is first attested 1590s in the wilds. Baseball wild pitch is recorded from 1867. Wildest dreams first attested 1961 (in Carson McCullers). Wild West first recorded 1849. Wild Turkey brand of whiskey (Austin Nichols Co.) in use from 1942.

Exciting and up-to-date; cool, far out: But I have some really wiggy experiences (1960s+ Cool talk)
Intoxicated on or using narcotics; out of it, spaced-out, wigged out: one of whom is so wiggy that she got fired from her job
Crazy; weird; strange: Things were wiggy/ neither a wiggy sexual penitent, nor a kohl-eyed tough cookie

wild about, be
wild card
wild goose chase
wild horses couldn’t drag me
wild oats
wild pitch


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