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William russell grace

William Russell, 1832–1904, U.S. financier and shipping magnate, born in Ireland: mayor of New York City 1880–88.
a female given name.
elegance and beauty of movement, form, expression, or proportion
a pleasing or charming quality
goodwill or favour
the granting of a favour or the manifestation of goodwill, esp by a superior
a sense of propriety and consideration for others

affectation of manner (esp in the phrase airs and graces)
in someone’s good graces, regarded favourably and with kindness by someone

mercy; clemency

the free and unmerited favour of God shown towards man
the divine assistance and power given to man in spiritual rebirth and sanctification
the condition of being favoured or sanctified by God
an unmerited gift, favour, etc, granted by God

a short prayer recited before or after a meal to invoke a blessing upon the food or give thanks for it
(music) a melodic ornament or decoration
See days of grace
with bad grace, with a bad grace, unwillingly or grudgingly
with good grace, with a good grace, willingly or cheerfully
(transitive) to add elegance and beauty to: flowers graced the room
(transitive) to honour or favour: to grace a party with one’s presence
to ornament or decorate (a melody, part, etc) with nonessential notes
preceded by your, his, or her. a title used to address or refer to a duke, duchess, or archbishop
W(illiam) G(ilbert). 1848–1915, English cricketer


fall from grace
in someone’s bad graces
in someone’s good graces
saving grace
say grace
there but for the grace of god
with good grace


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