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Christian von
[kris-tee-ahn fuh n] /ˈkrɪs tiˌɑn fən/ (Show IPA), Baron. Also, Wolf, 1679–1754, German philosopher and mathematician.
Kaspar Friedrich
[kahs-pahr free-drikh] /ˈkɑs pɑr ˈfri drɪx/ (Show IPA), 1733–94, German anatomist and physiologist.
Contemporary Examples

Among the references to me, Wolff claims that Murdoch, in effect, won the London broadsheet price war, which he did not.
The Rupert I Know Conrad Black December 16, 2008

To be fair, Wolff is correct that Murdoch is very perceptive about people.
The Rupert I Know Conrad Black December 16, 2008

Wolff, added on his Twitter account: “I’m hearing the WHY, the big reveal, the scandal details, could come tomorrow.”
What Is the ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Reason Behind Murdoch’s Divorce? Tom Sykes June 13, 2013

As Wolff argues, “Absent an earth-shaking idea, Facebook will look forward to slowing or declining growth in a tapped-out market.”
Universal Wallet: Facebook’s Very Bright Future Steven I. Weiss June 13, 2012

This is the rigor of Wolff’s defense of his work: nolo contendere, and the accuser is a temporary resident of a prison.
Bring It On, Michael Wolff! Conrad Black January 4, 2009

Historical Examples

“That, to my mind, is asking too much,” replied Wolff firmly.
In The Fire Of The Forge, Complete Georg Ebers

They caught Wolff by his arms and lifted him to his feet, where they held him.
The Plunderer Roy Norton

So long as the Emperor held his court at Nuremberg, Wolff, against whom no accuser had yet appeared, must remain concealed.
In The Fire Of The Forge, Complete Georg Ebers

“Because I want to make a warm nest for you, dearest,” replied Wolff.
In The Fire Of The Forge, Complete Georg Ebers

What with steps and stairs and passages and piles of cordwood for the engine,—oh no, I guess Harland and Wolff didn’t build her.
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town Stephen Leacock

Wolff (vôlf), Kaspar Friedrich. 1733-1794.

German anatomist noted for his pioneering work in embryology. His chief work, Theoria Generationis (1759), refuted the theory of preformation, which held that the embryo is a fully formed miniature adult.


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