Alexander, 1792–1828, Greek patriot and revolutionary leader.
his brother, Demetrios
[dih-mee-tree-uh s;; Greek th ee-mee-tree-aws] /dɪˈmi tri əs;; Greek ðiˈmi tri ɔs/ (Show IPA), 1793–1832, Greek patriot and revolutionary leader.
a city in SE Michigan, W of Detroit.
Historical Examples

Two weeks later the Corner House girls saw the Ypsilanti lady and her troublesome little girl off on the train for the west.
The Corner House Girls Grace Brooks Hill

Ypsilanti agreed to raise the standard of revolt in Moldavia.
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson

And his wife choked on her tea at the wonderful train-change that had come over the best man in Ypsilanti.
Excuse Me! Rupert Hughes

Yes we do, too, declared the lady from Ypsilanti, interrupting Ruth.
The Corner House Girls Grace Brooks Hill

Each is about as large as Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor put together.
Abroad at Home Julian Street

She spent the last money she had in getting here from Ypsilanti.
The Corner House Girls Grace Brooks Hill

One afternoon in the early part of his junior year, Florence and he were driving on the middle road to Ypsilanti.
Ann Arbor Tales Karl Edwin Harriman

I cant pay her fare to Ypsilanti, but I wont refuse her a home.
The Corner House Girls Grace Brooks Hill

Kolokotrones, calling out the last men from Tripolitza, relieved Ypsilanti at Argos.
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson

A Greek insurrection under Ypsilanti in 1821 led to the storming of the city by the Turks in 1822.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 3 Various

Alexander (ˌalekˈsander). 1792–1828, Greek patriot, who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Turks (1821)
his brother, Demetrios (ðimitriˈɔs). 1793–1832, Greek revolutionary leader; commander in chief of Greek forces (1828–30) during the war of independence

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