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projecting; a flower, a cleft or pass, probably that near En-gedi, which leads up from the Dead Sea (2 Chr. 20:16) in the direction of Tekoa; now Tell Hasasah.

Historical Examples

The ziz however, was evidently determined not to be balked of its prey.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

Go slow, ziz, cautioned the detective, looking at her thoughtfully.
The Luminous Face Carolyn Wells

Toward morning the ziz rose slowly into the air, and the lovers clutched each other tightly as the basket spun round and round.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

Well, ziz, I dont say it wasnt, but we must puzzle out how he got up there and why he went.
The Luminous Face Carolyn Wells

Higher and higher the ziz rose into the air, spreading its vast wings majestically, and flying silently and swiftly over the land.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

Then a huge bird, a ziz, bigger than several houses, appeared in the sky and swooped down on the cows and sheep.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

“Not in plain sight, ziz,” said Wise, and he started moving out a bookcase to look behind it.
In the Onyx Lobby Carolyn Wells

Curling his leg round the slender trunk of a tree, the young man began a struggle with the ziz.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

Above them stood the ziz, its eyes glowing like twin fires, its beak thrust down to strike.
Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Gertrude Landa

Take your time, ziz, but have a little pity on a mere man, consumed with curiosity.
The Luminous Face Carolyn Wells


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