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we are suffering from a lightning storm (shortwave transmission)


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  • Zm

    abbreviation Zambia Historical Examples Greek: Ereunate tas graphas, oti em autais / zm ainiom echete. Printers’ Marks William Roberts networking The country code for Zambia. (1999-01-27)

  • James pike

    James Albert, 1913–69, U.S. Protestant Episcopal clergyman, lawyer, and author. Zebulon Montgomery [zeb-yoo-luh n] /ˈzɛb yʊ lən/ (Show IPA), 1779–1813, U.S. general and explorer. noun (pl) pike, pikes any of several large predatory freshwater teleost fishes of the genus Esox, esp E. lucius (northern pike), having a broad flat snout, strong teeth, and an elongated […]

  • Zmk

    zmk Zambia-kwacha (currency)

  • Zmo

    zmo stand by a moment (shortwave transmission)

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