a medieval mystical work, consisting chiefly of interpretations of and commentaries on the Pentateuch: the definitive work of Jewish cabala.
Contemporary Examples

The term Pulsa Dinura appears only ten times in sacred Jewish texts, four times in the Talmud and six times in the Zohar.
The Jewish Death Curse In Israeli Politics Nicholas Saidel May 2, 2013

In his hands was The Zohar, the chief text of the Jewish Kabbalah.
When Harry Met Cancer Itay Hod April 9, 2014

He hurried there with his three children, 9-year-old Nga, 6-year-old Adam and 3-year-old Zohar.
A Tale of Two Trees Michael Daly November 4, 2011

Zohar was a key element in understanding the color of what we were going to do light-wise.
‘Noah’ is a Global Warming Epic About the Battle Between Religion and Science, Says Cinematographer Marlow Stern March 26, 2014

Yesh Atid MK, Ruth Calderon, taught Talmud and Professor Yehuda Liebes taught Zohar.
Rav Froman’s Funeral Elisheva Goldberg March 5, 2013

Historical Examples

Thus Zohar, the wisest of all the books of wisdom, and therefore one that no one believes.
The Road to Damascus August Strindberg

Joseph de Avila discovers the spuriousness of the Zohar, 20.
History of the Jews, Vol. IV (of VI) Heinrich Graetz

On account of God’s love for the writer of the Zohar, his generation merited the revelation of truths till then hidden.
History of the Jews, Vol. IV (of VI) Heinrich Graetz

And that leanings toward this doctrine were to be found in the Zohar they could not deny.
History of the Jews, Vol. V (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

The Zohar, the Bible of mysticism, was circulated, its authorship being fastened upon a rabbi of olden days.
Jewish Literature and Other Essays Gustav Karpeles

(Judaism) a mystical work, consisting of a commentary on parts of the Pentateuch and the Hagiographa, probably composed in the 2nd century ad

1680s, Hebrew, literally “light, splendor.”

brightness. (1.) The father of Ephron the Hittite (Gen. 23:8). (2.) One of the sons of Simeon (Gen. 46:10; Ex. 6:15).

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