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(used to express keen pleasure, astonishment, approval, etc.)
Contemporary Examples

Wowzie, zowie, that was quite a throw-down at McCain and Graham.
Ya Think Susan Rice Is Happy Today? Michael Tomasky November 13, 2012

Historical Examples

And, zowie, how the second will lay for you and hand it to you!
Left Tackle Thayer Ralph Henry Barbour

All went well with Cal Smith and Whitey until they got to about the middle of the creek, and then, zowie!
Injun and Whitey to the Rescue William S. Hart

Along the eastern front of these nations it was softened to “zowie!”
The Trail Book Mary Austin

I saw a great fish dart for this bait and at the same time “zowie!”
Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds William La Varre

expression of astonishment, c.1913.

noun phrase

A man’s suit with a jacket having very wide lapels, heavily padded shoulders, and many-buttoned sleeves, with very high-waisted trousers full in the leg and tapering to narrow cuffs •Such garments were worn as symbols of status and defiance, esp by urban black hipsters and Los Angeles Chicanos: Some were garbed in short sleeve shirts, others in zoot suits/ Jelly got into his zoot suit with the reet pleats

[1942+; origin unknown; probably in essence a rhyming phrase of the sort common in black English and slang; perhaps related to other jive and cool-talk terms like vootie]


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