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a small, round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics, a priest’s being black, a bishop’s violet, a cardinal’s red, and the pope’s white; calotte.
Historical Examples

Some one asked whether it was lawful for any one, not a bishop, to wear a zucchetto during the celebration of Mass.
My New Curate P.A. Sheehan

The zucchetto, or pileolus, is removed at the end of the last secret prayer, and resumed after the ablutions.
My New Curate P.A. Sheehan

noun (pl) -tos
(RC Church) a small round skullcap worn by certain ecclesiastics and varying in colour according to the rank of the wearer, the Pope wearing white, cardinals red, bishops violet, and others black

1853, from Italian zucchetta “a cap,” originally diminutive of zucca “gourd, head,” perhaps from Late Latin cucutia, of unknown origin.


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