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rock. (1.) One of the five Midianite kings whom the Israelites defeated and put to death (Num. 31:8). (2.) A Benjamite (1 Chr. 8:30).

Historical Examples

Well, zur, I doant know much about the shampoodling, but our ostler’s used to clipping horses.
Mr. Punch’s Country Life Various

You’re not fra Wales or the border counties, zur, that be very clear.’
Micah Clarke Arthur Conan Doyle

Sure, zur, I been goin t the grounds off the Mull since I were seven years old.
Dr. Grenfell’s Parish Norman Duncan

We thought of stopping at zur, but there were no arrangements to care for us there.
Rebels of the Red Planet Charles Louis Fontenay

I don’t know, zur; I’ll go down and sae the number, if ye plaze.
The Humors of Falconbridge Jonathan F. Kelley

For the name of the sword see Liebrecht, zur Volkskunde, p. 500.
The English and Scottish popular ballads (Volume II of 5) Various

Reitzenstein: “Poimandres: Studien zur griechisch-gyptischen und frhchristlichen Literatur,” 1904, p. 18.
The Christian Faith Under Modern Searchlights William Hallock Johnson

We shall always stick to cap’n, zur, as we’ve done for many a day.
Ralph Denham’s Adventures in Burma George Norway

You need not be, zur; I’ll gi’ ye a belly full any day, wi’ all my heart and soul.
Speed the Plough Thomas Morton

Well, zur, was the amazing reply, I cuts my nails on a Monday.
Dr. Grenfell’s Parish Norman Duncan


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