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Zygomatico-orbital artery

zygomatico-orbital artery

zygomatico-orbital artery zy·go·mat·i·co-or·bit·al artery (zī’gə-māt’ĭ-kō-ôr’bĭ-tl)
An artery with its origin usually in the superficial temporal artery, sometimes in the middle temporal artery, with distribution to the orbicular muscle of the eye and portions of the orbit, and with anastomoses to the lacrimal and palpebral branches of the ophthalmic artery.


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  • Zygomatico-orbital foramen

    zygomatico-orbital foramen zygomatico-orbital foramen n. The common opening on the orbital surface of the zygomatic bone, transmitting the zygomaticofacial and zygomaticotemporal nerves.

  • Zygomaticofacial foramen

    zygomaticofacial foramen zygomaticofacial foramen zy·go·mat·i·co·fa·cial foramen (zī’gə-māt’ĭ-kō-fā’shəl) n. The opening on the lateral surface of the zygomatic bone, transmitting the zygomaticofacial nerve.

  • Zygomaticotemporal foramen

    zygomaticotemporal foramen zygomaticotemporal foramen zy·go·mat·i·co·tem·po·ral foramen (zī’gə-māt’ĭ-kō-těm’pər-əl, -těm’prəl) n. The opening on the temporal surface of the zygomatic bone of the canal for passage of the zygomaticotemporal nerve.

  • Zygomaticomaxillary suture

    zygomaticomaxillary suture zygomaticomaxillary suture zy·go·mat·i·co·max·il·lar·y suture (zī’gə-māt’ĭ-kō-māk’sə-lěr’ē) n. The articulation of the zygomatic bone with the zygomatic process of the maxilla.

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