Age by decade

Age by decade: A term designating someone’s age by decade. For example, a septuagenarian refers to someone in his or her seventies (age 70 to 79). The prefix in such terms is always from the Latin. For example, the Latin septuageni = seventy.

Denarian: Someone age 10 to 19.
Vicenarian: Someone in his or her twenties.
Tricenarian: Someone in his or her thirties.
Quadragenarian: Someone in his or her forties.
Quinquagenarian: Someone in his or her fifties.
Sexagenarian: Someone in his or her sixties.
Septuagenarian: Someone in his or her seventies.
Octogenarian: Someone in his or her eighties.
Nonagenarian: Someone in his or her nineties.
Centenarian: Someone 100 or more.
Supercentenarian: Someone 110 years old or more (no upper limit).

The terms denarian, vicenarian, tricenarian, and quadragenarian are not in common usage. The term supercentenarian was coined in 1991.

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