Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy: A treatment program that involves substituting desirable behavior responses for undesirable ones.

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  • Behavior, automatic

    Behavior, automatic: A behavior that is performed without conscious knowledge and that does not appear to be under conscious control. This curious type of behavior occurs in a number of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The neurologic disorders associated with automatic behavior include narcolepsy (the sudden recurrent uncontrollable compulsion to sleep) and some forms of epilepsy […]

  • Behavioral medicine

    Behavioral medicine: An interdisciplinary field of research and practice that focuses on how people’s thoughts and behavior affect their health. Behavioral medicine is concerned, for example, with undesirable behaviors such as drug abuse, and utilizes behavior therapy techniques such as biofeedback, relaxation training, and hypnosis.

  • Behcet's syndrome

    Behcet’s syndrome: A chronic disease featuring inflammation of small blood vessels and characterized by a triad of features: ulcers in the mouth, ulcers of the genitalia, and inflammation of the eye (uveitis). The mouth ulcers typically present as recurring crops of aphthous ulcers. Arthritis is also commonplace. The cause of Behcet’s syndrome is not known. […]

  • Beijerinck, Martinus W.

    Beijerinck, Martinus W.: (1851-1931) Dutch microbiologist who was the first person to use the term “virus” for the invisible disease-causing material that he showed to be self-replicating. He originated selective culture techniques, also known as enrichment culturing, and was the first to isolate a wide range of microorganisms. Educated at the Delft Technical School and […]

  • Belching

    Belching: A normal process of releasing through the mouth air that accumulates in the stomach, thereby relieving distention. Upper abdominal discomfort associated with excessive swallowed air may extend into the lower chest, producing symptoms that suggest heart or lung disease.

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