Bronchiolitis: Inflammation of the bronchioles, usually due to viral infections.

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  • Bronchitis

    Inflammation and swelling of the bronchi. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic.

  • Bronchitis, chronic

    Inflammation and swelling of the lining of the airways, leading to narrowing and obstruction generally resulting in daily cough. The inflammation stimulates production of mucus, which can cause further blockage of the airways. Obstruction of the airways, especially with mucus, increases the likelihood of bacterial lung infection. Chronic bronchitis is common in persons who have […]

  • Bronchopulmonary

    Bronchopulmonary: Pertaining to both the air passages (bronchi) leading to the lungs and the lungs (pulmonary) themselves.

  • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

    Bronchopulmonary dysplasia: A chronic lung disease in infants who received mechanical respiratory support with high oxygenation in the neonatal period.

  • Bronchopulmonary segments

    Bronchopulmonary segments: A subdivision of one lobe of a lung based on the connection to the segmental bronchus. For example, the right upper lobe has apical, anterior, and posterior segments.

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