Globus major

The head of the epididymis, the structure just behind the testis.

Read Also:

  • Globus minor

    The tail of the epididymis, a cordlike structure just behind the testis.

  • Globus pallidus

    A comparatively pale-looking, spherical area in the brain. The globus pallidus is specifically part of the lentiform nucleus, which in turn is part of the striate body, a component of the basal ganglia. Also called pale globe, palladum, and paleostriatum.

  • Glomerular

    Pertaining to the glomerulus, a tiny structure in the kidney that filters the blood to form urine.

  • Glossal

    Of or pertaining to the tongue. Glossal is used as both an adjective and a compound word, as in hypoglossal nerve and thyroglossal cyst. From the Greek glossa meaning tongue.

  • Glossitis

    Inflammation of the tongue. There are many possible causes of glossitis, including vitamin B12 deficiency, Sjogren’s syndrome, and side effects of medications or chemotherapy.

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