Combining form pertaining to women, as in gynecoid. From the Greek gyno, gynaikos meaning woman.

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  • Gynecoid

    Like a woman; womanly, female.

  • Gynecoid obesity

    Overweight with a fat distribution generally characteristic of a woman, with the largest accumulation around the hips.

  • Gynecoid pelvis

    The gynecoid pelvis is one that is generally characteristic of a woman in its bone structure and therefore its shape. Gynecoid means like a woman, womanly, female. The gynecoid pelvis is more delicate, wider than, and not as high as the male pelvis. The angle of the female pubic arch is wide and round. The […]

  • Gynecologic oncologist

    A physician who specializes in treating cancers of the female reproductive organs.

  • Gynecologist

    A physician who specializes in treating diseases of the female reproductive organs and providing well-woman health care that focuses primarily on the reproductive organs.

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